New HubSpot Feature Makes Social Sharing Painless

Every marketer knows the importance of having a sustained, high level of audience engagement. And often, the easiest, most engaging conversations you can have with your customers happen on social media. Now, HubSpot’s latest update means you have no excuses for not filling up your queue every month with great content.

Most social media management platforms follow a similar structure involving listing out scheduled posts by day and week. This non-visual format can make it difficult to maintain the optimal amount of social posts and pinpoint social opportunities where they exist. Additionally, with this type of layout, scheduling mistakes can be a common hazard.

Social: Simplified

HubSpot just announced a new social calendar feature—and it’s great news for any business (or non-profit) aspiring for quantity and consistency in their social sharing. The calendar is visually friendly, intuitive, and makes scheduling a cinch with a simple drag-and-drop tool.

Like we discussed in our blog post from last month, it’s martech like this that brings value and competitive advantage to SMBs.

Look for the calendar feature under the publishing tab on your social media management page.

As you take it out for a test-drive and continue to share quality content with your audiences, have fun with it and remember that social media is a great way to up your lead generation game—if done correctly. (Tip #27 in our free eBook, The 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks, and Ideas, explains how to facilitate effective social media dialogues to generate the most high-quality leads.)

StitchDX is a proud HubSpot Silver Partner. If you have any questions about their new social calendar feature, or are interested in a HubSpot demo, talk to us today!