The Best HubSpot Updates of 2022 (So Far)

Here's the StitchDX take on the best HubSpot updates of 2022

2022, what is UP with you? The months have been flying by, nothing new about that. But each month, HubSpot drops new updates that keep adding incremental value to their powerful platform. Here’s the StitchDX take on the best HubSpot updates or 2022 (so far).

Embedded Attribution Reporting Within Campaigns (Marketing Hub)

The holy grail, the gold ring, the glittering prize: Attribution data that shows you precisely which of your efforts are generating revenue. Attribution Reporting with Campaigns in HubSpot gives you and your team visibility into the initiatives, assets, and interactions that are converting customers. Do more of what works, rule out what doesn’t.

Page’s Meta Description Will Now Appear in SEO Recommendations (Marketing Hub, CMS Hub)

This one got MY attention in a big way. Now HubSpot’s SEO Recommendations tool will display each page’s meta description with guidance that can include “remove title from meta description,” “address pages with duplicate meta descriptions,” and “shorten meta descriptions.” All in one view – a must if you’re managing a larger site.

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Edit Your Blog Listing Page Directly from the Blog Tool (Marketing Hub, CMS Hub)

First impressions matter, and that includes your blog listing page. If HubSpot is your blog platform, it’s easier than ever to make nips, tucks, and tweaks to get that page on brand with a graphic look and messaging hierarchy that engages and converts more visitors.

Edit your blog listing page directly from the HubSpot blog tool

Associate Forms with Marketing Campaigns (Marketing Hub)

As a digital marketer, you’re after more form completes — they’re powerful, positive, actionable indicators of prospect interest in your product or service. HubSpot delivers more attribution juice, with a new ability to associate forms with your marketing campaigns and give you a more accurate view of where qualified leads are coming from.

Compare Marketing Campaigns (Marketing Hub)

A new comparison tool enables you to stack up your campaigns side-by-side, assess how each is doing, and discern new areas of opportunity.

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Custom Ads Performance Data Reporting (Marketing Hub)

How are your Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn campaigns performing? Connect your accounts and build custom reports that reveal such performance metrics as spend, impressions, clicks, network conversions, video plays at 25%, and more.

Filter & Sorting for SEO Recommendations (Marketing Hub, CMS Hub)

I’ve often advised to “take every shot” when it comes to SEO, but how can you know the return will be worth your effort? HubSpot now allows you to assess its SEO Recommendations by SEO impact (high/medium/low), SEO Issue category, and technical difficulty (high/medium/low). Use this data to prioritize page improvements for search.

HubSpot Updates now offer SEO recommendations

Email Health by Industry (Marketing Hub)

Another one near and dear to my heart — and available at all Marketing Hub levels. Review your emails against sector-specific benchmarks to help your campaigns keep pace with industry trends and best practices.

Account-Based Marketing Apps (Marketing Hub, Sales Hub)

When focusing on highly targeted customers, marketing and sales absolutely need to be singing off the same page. Align them with apps that empower strategy tracking and management across your ABM efforts.

Microsoft Exchange Support (Sales Hub)

A phenomenal enhancement to HubSpot’s free CRM — set up a connected inbox that sends individual emails and sequences and logs the replies. Plus a meetings tool to simplify scheduling.

There’s never a bad time to get more from HubSpot (or to get started with HubSpot).

Updates like these keep proving that HubSpot walks it like they talk it: They’re all about ensuring you have the digital marketing capabilities you need as your business grows.

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