The End of Life for Microsoft Delve: What It Means for Your Digital Workplace

The digital workplace continues to evolve. Microsoft has announced the end of life for Microsoft Delve.

This decision marks a significant shift in how organizations will manage and access information within the Microsoft ecosystem. If your business uses Delve today, you can adapt to this change seamlessly, with a SharePoint-based intranet that can effectively replace Delve’s functionality.

What is Microsoft Delve?

Microsoft Delve was introduced as a part of Office 365, aiming to help users discover and organize information that’s most relevant to them. By leveraging the power of the Office Graph, Delve provided personalized insights and content recommendations based on user activity and interactions within the Office suite.

Why is Microsoft Delve Being Retired?

The decision to retire Delve stems from Microsoft’s broader strategy to streamline and enhance its suite of productivity tools. While Delve offered innovative features, its functionality is being integrated into other Microsoft 365 services, ensuring a more unified and efficient user experience.

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Key Dates and Timeline

Microsoft has set the following timeline for the retirement of Delve:

  • April 1, 2024: Delve will no longer receive new features or updates. This is the beginning of the transition period, during which users are encouraged to start exploring alternative solutions within Microsoft 365.
  • June 30, 2024: Delve will be officially offlined and no longer available for use. After this date, users will need to rely on Microsoft Search and other integrated tools for their information discovery and organization needs.

Key Impacts and Considerations

  1. Transition to Microsoft Search:
    • Unified Search Experience: Microsoft Search is set to replace Delve’s functionality, providing a consistent and comprehensive search experience across Microsoft 365. This will make it easier for users to find relevant content across emails, files, SharePoint, and more.
    • Enhanced AI Capabilities: The integration of AI-driven insights will continue to improve, offering even more personalized and relevant search results.
  2. Improved Collaboration and Communication:
    • Microsoft Teams Integration: With Teams becoming the hub for collaboration, users can expect deeper integration of search and discovery features directly within Teams, streamlining access to information where they work most.
    • SharePoint Enhancements: SharePoint will play a crucial role in content discovery, with enhanced capabilities to surface relevant documents and information based on user activity.
  3. Data Governance and Security:
    • Consistent Policies: The retirement of Delve allows for more consistent data governance policies across the Microsoft 365 suite, ensuring better control and security of information.
    • Simplified Administration: IT administrators will benefit from a more simplified and consolidated set of tools to manage user access and data compliance.

How a SharePoint-Based Intranet Can Replace Delve

As Delve is phased out, a SharePoint-based intranet using Powell Software can effectively take over and even enhance the functionality that Delve provided.

  1. Personalized Content Discovery:
    • Content Targeting: Precise content targeting based on user roles, departments, and activity, similar to how Delve personalized content recommendations.
    • News and Announcements: Create and manage news posts that are tailored to specific audiences, ensuring that relevant information reaches the right people.
  2. Enhanced Search Capabilities:
    • Integrated Microsoft Search: Powell Intranet enhances SharePoint’s standard search, leveraging Microsoft Search for a powerful experience across various content types, making it easy to find documents, video, images, people, and other content.
    • Metadata and Tags: Using metadata and tags, users can filter down to the most relevant documents more quickly, enhancing the search experience beyond what Delve offered.
  3. Improved Collaboration:
    • Team Sites: Team Sites offer a centralized space for teams to collaborate on documents, track project progress, and share information.
    • Document Libraries: These libraries provide advanced document management capabilities, including version control, check-in/check-out, and co-authoring.
  4. Data Governance and Compliance:
    • Policies and Permissions: Manage and control detailed data governance policies and permissions with Powell Governance tools, ensuring that sensitive information is protected and compliance requirements are met.
    • Audit Trails: Keep track of document access and changes with SharePoint’s audit trail features, providing greater transparency and control over your data.
  5. Integration with Microsoft 365:
    • Seamless Integration: Powell Software integrates seamlessly with SharePoint and other Microsoft 365 applications like Teams, OneDrive, and Outlook, providing a unified experience that enhances productivity and collaboration.

How to Prepare for the Transition

  1. Educate Your Team: Ensure your employees are aware of the upcoming changes and how they will benefit from the new integrated search capabilities and SharePoint functionalities. Provide training sessions and resources to help them adapt smoothly.
  2. Audit Your Current Use: Review how your organization currently uses Delve and identify any critical features or workflows that need to be transitioned. This will help you map out the necessary steps to ensure a seamless transition.
  3. Leverage Microsoft 365 Resources: Take advantage of Microsoft’s resources and support channels to guide you through the transition. Utilize their documentation, webinars, and support forums to stay informed and prepared.
  4. Explore New Opportunities: Use this transition as an opportunity to explore new features and capabilities within Microsoft 365. Encourage your teams to experiment with the enhanced search functionalities and discover new ways to improve productivity and collaboration.

Need help? Reach out to us.

The end of life for Microsoft Delve signifies an exciting shift towards a more integrated and efficient digital workplace. By embracing the changes and preparing your organization, you can ensure a smooth transition and continue to leverage the full potential of the Microsoft 365 suite.

While saying goodbye to Microsoft Delve might bring some challenges, it also opens up new opportunities for enhanced productivity and collaboration. By understanding the reasons behind this change and preparing accordingly, your organization can continue to thrive in the evolving digital workplace landscape. Integrating SharePoint-based intranet functionalities will not only replace Delve’s capabilities but also enhance your overall digital workplace experience.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the transition, feel free to reach out to our team for support.