Customer Experience — Website Design & Development


  • A new user experience accelerates site visitors’ journeys to the content they’re looking for.
  • Site architecture boosts visitor engagement and lead generation by organizing, optimizing, and focusing content around visitors’ industries.
  • A dynamic market and resource “picker” determines and serves the content that visitors see on each page.


Dynavac, a Massachusetts manufacturer, offers two highly specialized industrial technologies:

Industrial thermal vacuum systems. Most commonly used to simulate space flight conditions, the use of this equipment has been expanding to other market vertical. Naturally, Dynavac saw opportunity in an expanded, stronger presence in these markets.

Thin film deposition systems. A precision process with applications in medical device, electronics, eyewear, clothing, and government markets.

Dynavac required a new website that would accomplish several business objectives:

  • Improve SEO to attract new visitors.
  • Elevate content relevance to reduce new-visitor bounce rate.
  • Improve site architecture and navigation to guide visitors directly to their desired technical content.
  • Increase visitor information capture and lead generation.
  • Build competitive advantage in core vertical markets.
  • Support expansion into new vertical markets.


Building on the WordPress platform, StitchDX delivered an engaging, streamlined website that delivers on the customer’s objectives. Among the project’s success factors:

  • StitchDX’s proprietary Discovery process revealed the need to accelerate visitor access to Dynavac’s highly detailed and technical information. The new site’s structure reflects these insights, creating UX that guides visitors more directly to the content they need to initiate a conversation with Dynavac and ultimately make purchasing decisions.
  • A cleaner yet more dynamic site design (that wowed the customer).
  • We applied the Yoast WordPress plug-in for initial SEO, then guided the Dynavac team through content creation by advising on on-page SEO best practices.
  • In a highly structured process, we configured a master document for content creation and review, leveraged Microsoft Lists for managing page builds and punch lists, and conducted full pre-launch UAT.
  • Simple, intuitive tools enable the easy addition of news items, blog posts, case studies, and other specialized content by the Dynavac team.

As with our successful websites for JSI, Pierce Aluminum, and Minuteman Trucks, Dynavac.com showcases StitchDX’s ability to help B2B organizations effectively present the complex and technical information their customers require before commencing a sales conversation and ultimately committing to purchase.