Anatomy of a Brand Workshop Day: 5 Elements for a Successful Workshop

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Having a strong brand is vital. One way to get to a strong brand is through a brand or core messaging workshop. If you are considering one, here is what you need to be sure to include these five things:


Building a strong brand works from the inside out and takes time. Be sure to give yourself the time you need: time for planning, time for the actual event, and time to debrief/synthesize what you learn during the day.


It is vital to have the right mix of people in your workshop. If it is just the senior leadership, or, worse, just the marketing department, your efforts are doomed. Be sure to give everyone a voice, or if your organization is too large, give everyone representation.


brand workshop participantsObviously, we’re a little biased because it’s what we do, but we think you should hire someone from outside the company to lead the day. It puts everyone on equal footing and provides an outside perspective. However, if you have a trained facilitator on staff, they can provide leadership as well.


The way we do them, brand workshops are active affairs. Lots of moving and cross-sector dialogue. One of the goals is to get people who don’t usually interact to talk to each other and develop understanding. Be sure to have a mix of large and small group activities, as well as time to quietly reflect.


food for a brand workshopWe’re not kidding. If you are asking for people’s time and commitment, treat them well. Whether it is coffee and bagels or a catered lunch, a little good food goes a long way to keep people motivated and energized. Getting the most out of your participants requires giving them a little energy boost!

Brand workshops are powerful, productive experiences if done well. When people in your organization share a common understanding of why you exist, who you serve, and how you help them, good things happen (more on that here).

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